Friday, September 9, 2016

Sunrises are like snowflakes; no two are the same.

          There's nothing more thrilling than watching the sun rise over the Maumee River; but you have to get up with the chickens to catch it.  That was no problem for me. I'm the one who usually wakes the chickens:)

     I remember the last time we went on a very early bike ride and I saw the most beautiful sunrise from The Craig Street Bridge.  I could have stared at that forever.  
     A couple of my riding buddies and I decided to ride on the Green Belt Parkway trail, and catch the sunrise again.  I remembered all too well how the sun totally illuminated the sky, and I couldn't wait to recreate that memory.
          As you can see, the entire city of Toledo was still sleeping...  but not us!

     My favorite view is from the Craig street bridge; but it was quite a hike to get there.  Under the High Level Bridge...


     Then down the bike path...

     At this point I could see the Craig Street bridge off in the distance, but for some reason this trail had to zig zag back and forth, making the anticipation (and hard work) all the more worth it.
     Soon were were riding under Interstate 280;  and I could see that bridge just waiting for us...
     We finally made it to the Craig Street Bridge, and though the picture was not exactly the same as I remembered, it was still beautiful!

     Honestly, it could have been the worst sunrise I've ever seen, and in my mind it would be beautiful, just for the fact I was there to witness it. 
          By the time we got back to our cars, day light had set in.  But I had one thing all of those people cozily tucked in their beds didn't have, and that was the visions in my head of that amazing sun rise!

      The good news is, no matter how hard the day is, you can always have comfort in knowing that while every sunrise may not be exactly the same, there is a promise that every morning there WILL be one!

Have a great day!!


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