Friday, December 9, 2016

You can't put a price on traditions.

        My brother, Doug, surprised me with a ticket to the TSO a few years ago for my 50th birthday, and I had no idea it would be the first of a new family tradition.  My mom, brother and I have continued to go year after year, and in spite of the freezing cold walk through downtown Toledo, it's a tradition I just can't pass up.

     My winter coat wouldn't be coming off for the entire performance, as we were sharing an arena that would be converted to an ice rink for a hockey game the next day.  But somehow I didn't really notice how cold it was; the show was breath taking, and I was there with my family.
     Before the concert, my mom and  just I had to get a selfy with good old Mr. Pink panther himself.

     By the looks on our faces, you can see we were happy to be carrying out this tradition yet another year.

        It was no surprise to me that this place was packed. Though, this was certainly no place for someone with sensitive ears.

     Every year they have a great story with a very moving message.  As hard  as I tried to follow the story, I found the music so therapeutic that my mind tended to drift off to a serene place and make up my own story.
  I can't begin to imagine how many countless hours they must have spent on the lighting alone.
     The name of this particular show was "the Ghost Of Christmas Eve".   As I mentioned, I wasn't totally focused on the story line, but I finally came to a conclusion that the message was "It's never too late to find your way home".  A great message; especially around the holidays. 

     When it comes down to it, I'm sure you could get thousands of different opinions of what the take away was from this show.  But all I know is, with three hours of time to reflect on my own life I realize in my own life, Regardless of all of the challenges I've had over the years, all it takes is one person to make me realize, I have certainly found my way home.

Have a great day!!


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