Friday, December 30, 2016

Remember way back when The Bike To The Bay was only and idea?!?

     I'm sure you remember back four years ago when I was merely a "cheerleader" for all of those strong people who rode for me in the bike to the bay.  I would have never believed I could actually ride myself if I hadn't been pushed by someone who believed I was as strong and competent as the next guy. 

And they were right. I now have three rides under my belt.  I'll admit I didn't have the look of a serious rider in the beginning.

  But knowing my friends were riding with me gave me the courage to make it happen.  If nothing else, it was a true sign that I have some pretty great friends.  Why else would they join my team and sweat right along with me.  What would I do with out my glue...

      This was certainly the look of someone who was very happy to be riding, and happy that her favorite people were with her; but again you'll notice by the first year's attire of gym shorts and a pink t-shirt that I still had to be convinced I was a strong rider.
     Below is a photo of some of my first Leapfrog  teammates.  They actually proved their support by joining me in wearing a goofy pink t-shirt with frogs as well.

        It didn't matter what we looked like; we all made it to that finish line.
  Though my brother went above and beyond to make a statement!

     As time went on I gained more confidence and started feeling like a true cyclist; no more pink t-shirt for me:)
     It was time for me to wear my confidence on the outside.
          I had no problem sharing my story of why this ride was so important with the local news media.
          And before long our team started to look like we were serious as well.

    So here we are again, building Team Leapfrog for BTTB 2017, and I already have the start to an amazing team of friends who believe we can do this!

   I guess at the end of the day, your confidence is all in your head; sometimes we just need a little help finding it:)

Have a great day!!


Please join my team!

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