Friday, July 18, 2014

The Green Belt Parkway is no ride in the park... Or is it??

     Though the Greenbelt Parkway has "park" in the name It's not exactly a walk in it to get there.  It is however, a beautiful bike route in the outskirts of downtown Toledo, though it is a bit of a challenge riding through the busy city streets and under the hilly viaducts, under the highway to get there.

     Since the hot humid weather plays real havoc on my body I've realized that my favorite time of day to ride is the wee hours of the morning.  

     This particular morning I got out the door exceptionally early, parked my car by the Erie street market in down town Toledo and went with my riding buddies to watch the sun rise over the river.

     Of course, as you can see, the poor sun had to fight a mound of cumulus clouds before we saw the rays peeking over them. 

     When the sun was finally up in full force we continued on our way, and once in the thick of it the Greenbelt Parkway was in fact a true ride in the park.

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. I've been out of the blog-loop for a couple weeks; good things, traveling with Mr. Nani. You have really seen so much while riding! I'm both impressed and envious! But truth is with the way better than winter weather, I've been out with my power chair a lot more too.I remember when I worked for the Tigers that there was an odd and silent presence of the field under a blanket of snow in the winter. I bet a ballpark in the morning is wonderful to be around.

    Christine, you're still one of my favorite modern-day heroes; nothing can stop you!


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