Monday, July 7, 2014

The second day; we did it!!

nobody told me we were wearing do-rags:)

          So now that I've given you the whole story of how my ride went I'll tell you how proud I am that we all made it through this great event.  This is the second day of the ride and though I took that leap of faith that I could ride I wasn't going to be crazy.  I only rode the first day.  The second day I was back to being a "cheerleader" for those who rode back home.  Although anyone who went out of their way to ride is a hero in my book, no matter how far they rode (and some really went out of their way!)

     More than anything, I'm thrilled to say that as of now the 44 riders of our brand new "Team Leapfrog" have raised almost 16,000.00 and I can't thank these people enough for raising this much for the good of all of us with MS. And we're not done!!

Here are the flowers my bff MAM gave me after after the ride:)

     The biggest thing confirmed just recently is that I am certainly not alone in this world, and though I really knew it all along, taking that leap of faith proved that regardless of the challenges I'm faced with, my life is wonderful!

Have a great day!!


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