Friday, July 11, 2014

Wildwood; riding beyond the bike trail

   I absolutely loved going to Wildwood Park a million years ago, and the Manor house in all of it's beautiful surroundings was something I loved to see.

     However, About eleven years ago when I got my footdrop from my MS I stopped going there because the walk to the house was exhausting with a leg that weighed a hundred pounds, metaphorically speaking. 

     Now that I began using my bike as my new legs I decided that after my bike ride on the University Parks Trail I would take a ride over to the Manor house.  I was blown away looking at the beauty I had missed for so many years.

        I could ride past this house and all of the flowers and trees over and over.  You can bet it won't be another eleven years before I'm back!

         Now I can't wait to hit the next trail and discover more hidden treasures, and all of this is FREE!!

Have a great weekend!!


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