Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some people just weren't wasting time

     Here I am wondering aimlessly and trying to get a few photos, but some people were not wasting time.

A few more team members to tape to the earlier photos, If I do some cut and pasting I just might have a team photo yet!

While we were in Our amateur pink leap frog shirts scrambling around to take some photos, Team Kingston in their Nicely coordinated red and white  bike jerseys were at the front of the pack and the rest of us were probably hoping to glide in on their draft:)

     Ruth Haye, who was also at the front of the pack and on Team Leapfrog was definitely a girl on a mission.  There was no way we were pulling her off of her bike to get into the team photo and we practically had to lasso her down just to get this photo:) But she was amazing with her fundraising and that was the important thing, we'll just tape her picture to the rest of the team photo later;)

     Steve Rafac, in his super cute pink attire managed to be in our "semi-team photo" before racing up to begin his 75 mile ride.  Believe it or not, when I saw him cross the finish line (remember I only went 38 miles) he was actually still wearing this shirt; how's that for a trooper?!

     We all had different agendas and riders crossed the finish line at many different times, but we all had one big goal and that was to raise money for MS and it really didn't matter how we did it.

have a great day!!


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