Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Will Terry be my new best friend?!

Terry Tailwind 650 Women's Road Bike - 2013 -

     So this is the bike I'm researching now.  After the miles and miles I've been clocking over the past year I discovered two things... One: if I want  my crazy leg to go far (remember one leg is great!) then I need a much lighter bike.  It's kind of frustrating when I'm pedaling my butt off only to be passed up by a lady who's ten or fifteen years my senior.  The weight of the bike makes three times the work for the same distance compared to when you're on a much lighter bike.

     A friend mentioned to me that if I'm so concerned with going fast then maybe I should get a motorcycle.  I think he was missing the point; I'm not looking for something to go fast, rather than something to give me a leg up (no pun intended) while using my own energy.  As we all know, we have to move it or lose it.  And right now a bike seems to be the best way for me to move it.

     The second thing is, if I'm going to take this whole bike thing serious then I better get it right the first time and hopefully have no regrets.  

    The Bike I'm doing the extensive research on is designed by a woman, with the features geared for the way a woman's body is built.  Being that I'm "vertically challenged" there aren't a lot of bikes that are short enough to fit my stature precisely, so the Terry is perfect.  I've asked many experts on the subject and at this point I seem to be heading in the right direction.

      Of course, being that I don't anticipate ever being tired of pink, there has to be a pink theme involved in my final decision and this particular bike is white with pink accents; a true bonus!  Switching the white handlebar tape for pink would be the icing on the cake:)

     As a reminder, this is the bike I've been riding; very different from the Terry, but when I got it I only wanted to tool around the neighborhood, and now I want to cover the whole city, and then some, in as little time needed.

I'll keep you posted on what else I find out:)

Have a great day!!


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