Friday, July 25, 2014

Time to explore a different city

This is the city of Rossford from bike view

     I told you I wanted to explore the whole city and then some... well, I was told that some of the people who ride in the Bike To The Bay have a particular route they like to train on for the ride, and that involves crossing the Maumee River and going through Rossford, then down River Road.  I wanted to give this a try.

     This route can be tricky because you have to blend in with the motor traffic through most of the ride.  I still wanted to test my skills.  It would have been a good idea if my two seasoned riding buddies, Stacy and Robert were there; one to lead, and one behind, making sure I wasn't laying on the side of the road somewhere, but Stacy couldn't make it, so I had to follow and that meant I had to bring my "A game" making sure I wasn't ten car lengths behind when Robert gave the signals.

     If you think I'm crazy riding at sunrise, I was nuts for going through Downtown Toledo on a Saturday afternoon at 5:00, especially after we discovered there was a Mud Hens baseball game and a Dragon Boat Race on the river at that exact time.  The traffic was horrendous!

     We made it through town and across the river where the East side traffic was just as bad, maybe worse.  A couple of times I thought I was going to be the next project of the street cleaners.

                                                 This is east Toledo across the river

     When we finally made it to Rossford it was so cool to be riding my bike past The Hollywood Casino!  I wanted so badly to stop and take a picture, but the traffic and my "riding guru" suggested otherwise, besides you probably already know what it looks like:)

     Here's the Rossford Marina, and the crazy ride was well worth the view.  Of course, the hill going back up was another story...

     The beautiful fluffy white clouds made the torturous ride there totally worth it, but I was absolutely frazzled and I wasn't adventurous enough to try to make it to River road; maybe another time...  I have a whole year to train for the Bike To The Bay:)

     We made it back through the bumper to bumper traffic with everyone driving like lunatics, and when we arrived to International Park I really wanted to get off my bike and kiss the ground, but I thought that might seem a little weird...


      Truth be told, I was kind of proud of myself for giving it a try, but never happier to be back safe and sound in my car.  It was a little strange though driving back home when I would coast to a traffic light hoping not to have to put my feet down...

     So now when I'm questioned about being crazy, and my safety riding at sunrise, lets all think back to this time and tell ourselves... It could be worse;)

Have a great Weekend!



  1. I never even liked driving in traffic let alone riding a bike in it! You are an insanely brave woman, Christine!


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