Monday, July 28, 2014

I love a good ride but lets throw some yoga into the mix!

   Remember way back when... I was jokingly claiming to be a ninja as I was explaining off the strange contraption on my leg... well, I never did take up Tai Chi, and yes, I now know  Ninjas don't do it either.

     However, we all know by now that I'm totally obsessed with bike riding, and I spend many hours in the day chasing off this crazy monster called "MS" by strength training and getting on the treadmill.  To this long list of proactive measures I just added Physical Therapy and now Yoga... I'll do what ever it takes to fight the fight.

     Most people, when asked what they do for a living reply by saying they're an Accountant, nurse, lawyer, or some specific, interesting, or maybe not so interesting job they do to earn a lucrative living.

     To me, what I do for a living doesn't represent my monetary worth, rather what I do to "live".  If I have to spend countless hours being proactive to fight this never ending battle, then that's what I'll do.

     Most would call what I do discipline; I call it survival.  We all have those demons in our heads telling us to sleep in or skip a workout, but I also have a voice in my head everyday telling me I can't give up, and so I essentially let that little voice do the workout for me and when I'm done I thank that guardian angel for not letting me quit.

     Whenever I have a day that I start out asking "why me?", I take a minute and then tell myself... "lets call it luck".


Have a great day!!


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