Friday, November 7, 2014

In my mind I'm a super hero...

    For the average person, the biggest dilemma is whether or not to floss, to prevent gum disease.  They decide how much they want to do to preserve their health.

     As soon as I think I'm doing everything possible to prevent my body from falling apart,  I lose sight of preserving all of the mechanical things that help me do this.

     In my mind I'm an awesome athlete!  In fact, I'm a legend in my own mind:)  The problem is, my mind and body don't seem to be on the same page and I sometimes forget that...
     Putting my bike on a trainer so I could keep riding through the winter seemed like a great idea right??  dragging it out of my car and inside by myself... not so much.

     So the day I picked up my trainer the salesman wheeled it out to my car on a dolly.  The box was kind of big; about a two and a half foot square.  But I was sure it would be the perfect size for rolling it end on end from my car to my front door.

     I could have asked for help but this seemed like a no brainer, and I could save my favors for when I "really" needed them.

     This was no problem at all, and as I got to the doorway I knew I had this... until my foot hit the step and sent me flying.   But that's okay, one of my super powers is flying:)  A quick look around and an "I'M OKAY!" (in my head) and all was good.  I just saved myself a favor:)

     What I tend to lose sight of is; I not only have to take care of my body but the gadgets that keep it moving.  My nerve zapper took a bit of a hit but it still worked so all was good.

            I'm still working on getting my turbo leg and bionic leg to work together, and this means shifting electrodes and re-positioning the the two so one doesn't press on the other so I can prevent my leg from losing all feeling.  

        I had an appointment set with my Orthotist at Hanger, and I started to think I may have damaged my zapper because the nob needed to be set higher before I felt the zap.


     Going to my orthotist has become like going to confession, because at this point I had to come clean and admit my carelessness.  

     The good news was I didn't break it, I simply tried to play orthotist and put the electrodes where I randomly thought they should be and that caused the change in settings.  I guess I need to let the professionals do their job and go back to flying, which is my favorite super power;)

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Visiting my pain doctor is my confessional time. I always wait too long (but the injections really mess with weight loss!)

    I'm glad all your cyborg parts are okay and especially that you are! You're still a super hero in my mind too, Christine!

  2. Awe... that's sweet Nani:) You inspire me!! Thanks:)


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