Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just because it's winter doesn't mean my bike is done.

          Well It's official; the outdoor riding season is over now and my bike has taken up residence indoors.  This trainer might take some getting used to, and I know I'll miss the great view of the parks and trails. The idle chit chat with strangers... if that happens on my trainer I may need to be committed... But I just can't put my bike in storage for the winter.

     Sure, I have my treadmill, yoga and strength training but I can't go backwards with my bike or I'll be starting over next spring.

     Of course, I'll also be getting a workout as I alternate workout routines because my bike is on the black mat and pink yoga mat which is important in preventing static shocks while riding, but I need to move it to do my yoga and strength training.  I should join the circus because this will sure be a juggling act:)

     You can see I wasn't taking it lightly when it came to the trainer I chose.  I certainly didn't want one that wasn't stable.  The front tire is very sturdy as well.  This bike was mounted very securely in place and no matter how much I lean I can't tip this thing.

          The fluid inside the trainer is supposed to make it feel like riding on pavement, but with the lack of outdoor scenery I'll need other things to make the ride interesting; luckily I also have a TV in front of me and music to listen to.  

It's all down hill from here:)

          This certainly won't replace outdoor riding, but it will keep me somewhat conditioned for when I'm back on the roads.  Just think how much I'll appreciate the the great out doors, come spring!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Wow! All the bike toys I'd never seen before as someone who hasn't ridden a bike since before i got my drivers license. You'll be chomping at the bit to get outside by spring! :)


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