Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The queen of improvision is at it again...

     So riding my bike inside isn't as easy as simply bringing it in.  First it had to be put on the trainer, and I figured I could use the bike mat and my yoga mat together for extra cushion for my yoga, strength training and riding, by simply moving the bike on and off.

     True, this bike weighs nothing by it's self, however if you strap it on a trainer it feels like it weighs 200 pounds.  There was no way I wanted to keep moving it every other day to fit my workout.  I had to re-configure it.

        Once I separated the two mats I finally felt like I had the perfect system for alternating my workout routine.

     One thing I never considered was that the computer on my bike calculates the speed and mileage on the front tire, which doesn't move.  Do you have any idea how boring and confusing it is to ride a stationary bike not knowing how fast or far you're going??

     So the computer had to be moved to the back tire.

        The computer had to stay on the handle bars but the cable had to be stretched and secured all the way to the back, with no room to spare.

         The next snafu was discovering the bar in the back was thinner than the front and this little black circle on the spoke has to make contact with the sensor on the bar but barely skim it, and that required some more improvising.  

     Luckily I had a spare yoga mat, and after some brain storming I figured I could cut a strip off the end of the purple mat and form a barrier to allow the two to make the exact contact.

        This indoor riding proves to be more complicated than I thought, but it just goes back to that old saying... Where there's a will, there's a way:)

Have a great day!!


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