Monday, November 17, 2014

The best birthday present!

        Normally, I would be celebrating another year of survival and embracing one year older, and I am so glad to be 52.  But today I get to share the celebration with my new grandbaby; Connor Lee!  Saturday, my daughter, Emily and her husband Billy, made me a proud grandma for the second time.  Now my two little guys, William and Connor are the love of my life.

     Big brother, William sees all of the baby things out again and looks at it as re-visiting his early days; he has no idea that his infant things are now going to be occupied by baby brother Connor.

     It's true what they say; grandchildren are so much fun that  we should have had them first:) My first grandbaby William has proven this. The weekly trips to the mall with my daughter and William are something I really look forward to, and now I'll have one more reason to love Sundays.

    Below is a picture of Connor only minutes old, without a clue as to just how many lives he's about to touch:)  

     I'll be 52 years tomorrow and Connor will be only four days old, and have no idea what life is all about.  But I can't wait to do what Grandmas do better than anyone else, and that's spoil their grandchildren; and hopefully teach them how good life is.

     As a mother we have to teach our kids they can't have everything, but you know that old saying... "If mommy says no, ask grandma;)".

        I've got them covered:)

Have a great day!!


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  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow and congrats on Grandma again! I love the picture of you and Connor. A grandma's love glows so warm in your face!


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