Friday, November 28, 2014

No more bike trails, but the bike shop still keeps hopping.

     Even though my outdoor riding season is over, the bike Co-op is still hopping.  In the winter months they continue to work on bikes and many people continue to use their bike as their form of transportation year round.

      In the summer I had heard that they teach classes during the winter months on how to build a bike from the ground up.  I've learned so much about the mechanics of my bike, but if I actually learned how to build one, I would be prepared for anything.

     Take a look at all of these bikes.  Most of them were donated needing repairs, and like the island of misfit toys, all they need is a little TLC to make some individual's life easier.

      Many kind hearted  people volunteer their time to get these bikes in working order for those who may be financially strapped, and I'm told that all of these bikes will be placed with in the year.

     The bikes below have already been repaired and are waiting for new homes now.

          When I went to the bike shop they informed me that the classes were postponed for a while, so I guess I'll have to wait. In the mean time the bike shop is a great place for me to work on personalizing my bionic leg.  The paint fumes can be very toxic and outside is no longer an option. Since my brace is carbon fiber, which a lot of bikes are made of, I figured a bike shop would be the perfect place to  spray paint it.

     I have the spray paint ready to go and my riding buddy who also happens to be crafty has already made the stencils. However, there are two stencils, the pink frog and the green helmet, and that makes this a two part process, so timing is key.  But I want it done right and I know we'll get it done sooner or later:)

Have a great weekend!!


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