Monday, November 10, 2014

My bionic leg is like walking a dog in the park; an open invitation..

     Yes, I tend to drone on and on about my bionic leg lately, but the thing I'm starting to realize is, my friends will eventually stop asking but it isn't something the general public will ever get used to, and the questions will never quit.  In fact it's kind of like walking a unique breed of dog and everyone stops you to ask about it.

     I was at the mall with my daughter and her baby, and we were getting lunch in the food court.  As I was waiting for my order and actually minding my own business for once (which is rare for me), a man who was also waiting said "that can't be comfortable..."  and after a few friendly words were exchanged he asked me if I was eating in the mall.  I guess people see it as an ice breaker; interesting...

     When I went to vote, the people signing me in asked what happened, and twenty minutes later I had some new BFFs.  

      Then, the greeter (aka loss prevention) at Costco looked down and said "heal well'', to which I said... "thank you:)".  Come on, I can't stop and talk to everyone...

     To all the people who ingeniously tell me it looks like I have a bad leg, It's kind of funny, I would never see some one with braces on their teeth and say "I see you have some crooked teeth" or someone with glasses and tell them their vision must be awful.  I guess they all just want to know what the story is.

     I've resigned to the fact that every stranger I pass will see this thing as a conversation piece, and it really isn't the end of the world.  But one thing I learned is I have to allow about twenty minutes of extra time for every place on my list, because as long as I have this thing there will always be strangers.  And where there are strangers there will certainly be questions.

Have a great day!!


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