Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Eyes are the window to our soul.

   Today I'm going back in time to one of my first stories I wrote a few years ago, after I discovered my love of writing; this is one of a very early revelation that took a very long time to sink in.

      As you know, I've been talking about all of the inquisitive people I've encountered lately, and a friend mentioned that the reason I have so many people approaching me is that I have the look of an approachable person.  That reminded me of a story I wrote a few years ago about an experience that happened as a child that didn't make sense until many years later.  If you have a few minutes I hope you'll read it and maybe it will make sense to you as well:)

By Christine Kajfasz

     We’re often told that we must make eye contact so that others know we’re listening to them, but I think the reason goes well beyond that.  They say our eyes are the one thing on our bodies that never change, from the day we are born until the day we die.  They are the one constant throughout our life.

     A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it isn't necessarily the words that tell the story.  When we look into a person’s eyes we see beyond their skin, past the clothing they wear to try so hard to impress others with, and straight to the beauty that lies within their soul.  That is the one thing we keep for a life time.

     Back when I was in elementary school, I, like most kids my age, was always worried about being judged.  The things we wore and the things we said, would make a huge impact on how others perceived us.

     When I was in the fourth grade I was chosen be Lucy in the school play “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.  I was so excited about being selected and I immediately began to think about how I had to dress, all the while making sure I didn't forget my lines.

     The dress I wore was bright red with this cute bow in the back and puffy short sleeves.  My hair was in adorable dark brown pig tails tied with ribbons.  I felt so proud that I was able to depict this fabulous icon.  I began to study my lines in the attempt to have them down to a T and things were going well. 

     In the story, Lucy was going to be a witch for Halloween and therefore, not only did I have to play Lucy, but I also had to play Lucy portraying a witch.  This meant I really had to practice because one mess up would make me the laughing stock of the school.

     As I was going over my lines, the panic set in when I discovered that in one of my lines I had to say “And I’m beautiful”.  I just couldn't say that in front of my classmates.  That was not something I felt I was and to hear me say it, even in acting, seemed ridiculous.  The other kids would surely make fun of me.

     With a lot of thought I figured out a solution.  Lucy had this ugly witch’s mask that she would put on for trick or treating.  If I could just put it on as I was saying those words I wouldn't have to make eye contact with the audience; therefore I wouldn't know what they were thinking.

     The day of the play had arrived and everything was going according to plan, then it came time for me to say those scary words.  I quickly put the mask in front of my face and confidently blurted out “And I’m beautiful!”.  At that point the audience laughed.   I had no idea if it was because of the absurd statement that came out of my mouth, or because it came from the hideous mask I hid behind.  There was no way to know for sure.  Though I was never nominated for an Oscar for my acting, I also never faced any ridicule, so it couldn't have been that bad.

     The next day life went on as usual.  No fingers pointed but no autographs were exchanged either.  I guess when we hide behind a mask, that’s when the prejudice begins.   If we want people to see our true inner beauty we have to let them see our soul.  When we look deep into someone’s eyes that’s when we see that inner beauty.  Our eyes are the window to our soul.

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