Monday, July 13, 2015

I don't think it's gonna rain...

I don't think it's gonna rain!

     Sure, the drops on my glasses and mirror would indicate rain; but that's not what the weatherman said...

     It was a gorgeous day Saturday, but Sunday was the day about five of us had planned to take a bike ride on the University Parks Trail.  We planned to meet up at the University in the morning and then ride from there.

     Of course, once again, people started backing out.  Did they know something I didn't??  The rain wasn't supposed to come until later that evening.  Boy! It's like pulling teeth to get people to get on a bike these days.  Actually, I think they would rather have their teeth yanked...

          When I got there the parking lot was bone dry; the others were just nuts.  But while I was waiting to see who else was crazy enough to show up I made a new friend, Shawn.  Shawn is a Sylvania Police Officer. I guess that's one way to stay on the right side of the law; befriend a cop:) 

      Noticing Shawn had a bike rack but no bike I pulled out my cape and became "Captain Obvious":)  I said "I see you have a rack but no bike... I'm guessing you're running??" Lucky for me most people don't say what's on their mind:)

     He told me he rode 55 miles the day before so this day he planned on running.  I asked him if he ever rode in the Bike To The Bay and he told me he rode last year, but couldn't ride this year because of another event, so I started my attempt of recruiting him to join my team:)  Who knows; we might be looking at another leapfrog here!
     As we were talking, my buddy Robert showed up and informed me everyone else had bailed; could it be the  mention of a little water freaked them out??

     By the time we all exchanged our bike trail stories the rain began to fall and it appeared we would have to take a "rain check" on the ride (hey, for once this cliche' makes sense!).

     But after a few more minutes of idle chit chat the rain appeared to be stopping so we thought we would head out and see how far we could get.
       By the time we got to the first cross road the rain was coming down even harder than before... and if there's one thing I've learned it's the further away you ride, the further you have to ride back.

          If I only had windshield wipers on my glasses, I may have toughed it out...
          But once again, the best laid plans would take a detour; not unlike my life:)

     As you can see, the parking lot looks a lot different then when I first got there.  Believe it or not, getting rained on when you're just standing there is actually refreshing with the humidity rolling in.  Remember back in the day, when kids used to play outside in the rain and splash in mud puddles??  That was the life!  I guess now they worry about all of their electronics getting wet... that, or melting:)
     Okay, I may not have taken a long ride, and I may have cut it short, but did ride.  And you know the old saying... You can't finish what you never start!

Have a great day!!


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