Friday, July 17, 2015

Where would I be with out MS??

          Looking at my face I seem quite normal, and If you knew nothing about me you would think my life appears to be pretty typical.

           Then I get on my bike and you say " there's a girl who is very athletic and probably runs circles around the rest of the world."  And in my mind, I do!
          Hide all of the bike gear and bionic paraphernalia and you might think "here's someone whose full of sass; she most certainly gives back anything the world dishes out." 
          But throw on the nerve zapper and I become more vulnerable, yet still, I appear to have everything under control.
     Add the brace and I become a moving target for a world full of curious people.  To think there was a day I wanted nothing to do with this nuisance of a disease, and if you were to observe anything different about me I might tell you it's all in your head; not mine (ironically, it is in my head).

     But the day a friend encouraged me to quit running away from this disease and own it was the day my life actually had meaning for the very first time; and now what you see is absolutely what you get!   

     Sometimes it's nice to just stand there, smile, and let the world run circles around me:)

Have a great weekend!!


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