Friday, July 10, 2015

Is it me or the bike??

     I thought I had finally figured out how to ride this bike correctly, but now I wonder if it's really me, or the bike...
          I knew it was time to take it to the trusty old bike Co-op and access the situation.

     The past few bike rides have really tested my riding ability as well as my self confidence.  This bike has had so many adjustments made to it, from the special in-line brakes, to the perfect pedal for my crazy foot; everything I need to handle all of my challenges, and by now it should fit like a glove. But those long strenuous rides let me see I still needed to make some adjustments to make the bike it's self fit more accurately.
          The first thing we did was move the seat forward a little so my arms weren't completely stretched out.  I never knew there was an option.  I just thought you found a bike based on your inseam and if you were lucky your arms were the right length.  I may have been told that I could bring the seat forward but I may not have been paying attention with everything else I had to learn.  It wouldn't be the first time I was told something but it didn't sink in at first...

     When I rode in the bike to the bay my arms were literally trembling from being stretched out so far.  What a luxury it would be to fix that.

     While I was there I decided to tweak a few other things.  The chain was rubbing on the de-railer a tad so it was a matter of adjusting the screw and now I hope I don't have anymore issues with it jumping off the ring during a ride.  That was anything but fun...
Oh...  this black and pink thing holds my cell phone:)

          This short post connecting the frame and the handlebars is called the stem.  I thought it was all part of the frame and the only way I could adjust my reach would be to grow longer arms.  I can't be certain... but I think they're done growing...

     So we ordered a new stem to bring it closer to me.  It's gonna take a couple days, so check back to see if this solves the problem or not.  Fingers crossed:)

Have a great weekend!!


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