Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm gonna custom build my bike if it's the last thing I do!

     I think I may have missed my calling, because I feel like I practically rebuilt my entire bike by now.  But I don't plan to stop until my bike and I are like blood brothers (okay, pink, I guess sisters...).

     Just when I think there's nothing more to improve I discover something new.  As you know I ordered a shorter and steeper stem for my bike to make my reach easier, and I was thrilled when the part came in.

      This is the old stem; as you can see, it makes my reach about three inches further than the length of the frame.  This is fine for an amazon woman, but a dwarf like me doesn't need the distance. 
this little metal square is my computer; it calculates mileage and speed

     Remember, I have that "teach a man to fish" theory; I wasn't about to have some one fix it and not know how they did it, so I wanted to learn to do it myself.
     It really wasn't as complicated as I would have thought.  After I removed the computer (seen above) I was able to unscrew the clamps holding the handlebars on in no time flat.
     Once the handlebars were out of the way it was simply a matter of unscrewing the old stem to make room for the new one.
     Once again, I had these screws out and presto; it was time to put the new stem on and I would be out the door in no time flat, with my bike that was perfectly adjusted for me.
     See how much shorter this new stem is; this will make a world of difference.  Could "perfect" really come that easily??

     But it wasn't long before we discovered it was too good to be true.  Perfect doesn't usually come with out work.  Look below... 
     We didn't stop to consider that the handlebars were over sized. In most traditional rode bikes the handle bars are thin, where as these are about two inches in diameter.  This is great for distributing the pressure more evenly, but unfortunately, the new stem didn't fit.
     I was a little discouraged at first, but I knew it only meant we were back to the old drawing board again.  I've been riding for the past year with the old stem so what was a few more weeks.  I don't even know what perfect is so how can I miss it.

     So I screwed my old stem back on, with a smile on my face, reminding myself that nothing is perfect.  But if I want my life to be the best it can be, I simply have to smile, be patient and move forward:)

Have a great day!!


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