Monday, July 27, 2015

My Frankenbike is finally coming together!

          I really wish there was  such a thing as a bike that is "one size fits all", but life isn't "one size fits all", so why should I expect a bike to be... I knew the only way to make that happen is to make a "Frankenbike".

     The bike I had been riding was too heavy, and the tires were too wide, causing total exhaustion; so I got a road bike that was lighter and had thinner tires.  Even though this bike was designed by a woman, for the average woman, it didn't make it perfect for someone like me, who is anything but average...  so I started tweaking it.  I was happy to find my pink, but now it had to "fit".  Of course, the most important thing was to understand how my bike worked; and that meant simple things like learning to  fix a flat...

   Or putting air in the tires with out popping them...

     After my first melt down I had to get in-line brakes so I no longer panicked when I had to stop on a dime. 

      Then I started messing with my pedals to help with my "crazy foot".  

     Of course, there was my seat; moving it down and forward made me feel more in control... and now I've been making several attempts to shorten my reach so my arms don't go numb so fast.  

    Remember, my old stem was about three inches out from the frame and level, which caused me to stretch forward and ride with stiff elbows. All that weight on my straight arms caused them to get to the point of trembling, which took away from some of the enjoyment of riding.  

          We thought we could fix the problem by shortening the stem...

      Though we soon realized the handlebars weren't standard size...  
This would have been a great idea, if only it worked...

     But it isn't in my nature to settle, so we ordered a new stem that was shorter and made for over-sized handlebars.  An added bonus was that it was also angled upwards; making the reach even shorter.

     The stem came in, and it was back to the bike shop to see if it fit.  I was so happy to find out it did!  Notice how the screws actually meet now.

     This picture lets you see how different the stems are; but looking at it you would never know anything was changed. 

      I'll admit, this is becoming a true "frankenbike",  but I seem to have a "frankenlife" as well.  When something doesn't work the way it should, I try my hardest to improvise.   What ever it takes to live my best life is what I plan to do.  And just because it isn't normal, doesn't mean it isn't perfect. 

     Now the true test will be when when I hit the next trail and see if this helped; and I promise that will be very soon:)

          There are a lot of things in my life I have no control over; but at least I know my bike isn't one of them:)

Have a great day!!


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