Friday, July 3, 2015

The Bike to the Bay may have come and gone, but the pictures will live on forever!

     It's hard to believe the Bike To The Bay is merely a memory until next year, but I have many photos to remind me of this amazing experience.  And I'm hoping to get even more from riders to add to our album.

     This isn't all of Team leapfrog, but if you go to the picture page up at the top of this blog you can see most of the riders at some point during this exciting ride.

     Robert, Kelly and I are the ones with MS, though over 30 friends rode for us and their loved ones  to put an end to this ruthless disease.  

Click here> Team Leapfrog 2015 Photo album for 2015 photos.

     You can also find pictures from past years from the ride as well.  So Enjoy the walk down memory lane and send more photos of the ride if you have them.

     Until next year... lets find more trails!!

Have a great weekend!!


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