Wednesday, July 1, 2015

That storm did a number on my trails; this is Wabash.

     Last Saturday sure was a washout for out door activities; It was raining cats and dogs.  But I had high hopes for a bike ride on Sunday and I woke up to crystal clear skies, so I knew it would be perfect.

     A few of us were going riding and we needed to pick a centralized trail, so the Wabash Cannon-ball it was. I wasn't expecting anything new on this trail because I've been on it several times before.  But Starting at Oak Openings State park, working our way back and doing the north fork would be a  change of pace.

          As we headed out into the park we came upon Mallard Lake. I've never seen this Lake so high.  All of the rain from the day before had almost brought it to it's breaking point.  Anymore rain and it would surely overflow.  But the roads we drove on to get here were perfectly dry, and I knew the  the trails surely must be as well.

     We started down the trail inside the park, leading to the Wabash when we were stopped by two park trail patrolman.  They warned us that the trail was flooded ahead and we would need to try a different route.  So we turned around and began down a country road that would also take us to the bike trail.

          From a distance there appeared to be a huge puddle on the right side of the road. That was okay, we could just veer to the left and go around it.  As we got closer we noticed the water was gushing across the road as though someone had just emptied their above ground swimming pool.

     If it was a damp street I would be fine with riding very slowly through it.  But since it was more like white water rapids I decided this wasn't happening.

     We back tracked to take yet another road to the trail and when we finally made it to the trail it appeared it would now be smooth sailing...

     But this tree said otherwise...

          This tree didn't look that big; I don't know why a couple strong guys couldn't hoist it to the side of the trail... but you guessed it... we turned around and looked for yet another route.

          Before long we had made it to that same trail, only further down, past the fallen tree.

     But it wasn't long before we found one more wrench in the fire... There was a huge viney tree blocking the entire width of the trail.  I was getting tired of looking for a different route so I said "I bet a couple strong men could move this thing with no problem..."  And of course Robert and Gary tackled the tree for the sake of all other riders who passed.

     As we were getting ready to get back on our bikes a group of four cyclists were riding up.  I told them these fine gentleman cleared the tree off the trail for them ( I had to boost their ego in case there was another tree in our future...).  Of course they thanked them.

     Though our ride was soon brought to one more pause as we rode up on this monstrous tree blocking the trail, AGAIN!
     I suggested to the other group of riders, the ones who had thanked us for clearing the path a ways back... that we take turns moving the trees and they were up:) 

    They had a better idea... they walked through the poison ivy laden woods and went around it.  We all looked at each other and unanimously decided we would pass.  Besides, I know I've seen snakes around there before... no thank you...

     By now we were sick of back tracking, and besides I think we had covered every alternate route there was, so we decided to  head back to the park. 

      When we got back to our cars our odometers read just over 10 miles, though we probably didn't even get a mile away from our starting point.

      I'm used to obstacles, and I know by now that just because I have to take an alternate route, it doesn't mean I'll never get to where I'm going...Eventually!!

Have a great day!!


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