Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Bob Evans General Manager on my team... WHAT?!?!


  So I simply went into the Bob Evans on Central avenue to drop off a T-shirt flyer to add to the Bob Evans fundraiser flyer they already had, and to see if the General Manager might be available to join us at the news media event, but would you believe, the GM Matt Wienner said he wants to ride too?!?!  Not only does he want to ride but he plans to ask his wife and several others there as well.  How cool is this?!?!

     What I've discovered through all of this is there are a lot of people who would love to help out someway, but they just needed someone to invite them to do it.

     I told you our team would make it to 50 riders so I have some more work ahead of me, but don't you worry; My job's not done:)

Have a great day!!

Don't forget to dine at Bob Evans this Wednesday, March 19th, and bring in a flyer or mention us and 15% of the sales will go to Team Leapfrog and Team Sitting Bull!!


  1. Are all the area Bob Evans participating Wednesday? (Our local one is on Glendale Ave in front of WalMart.) All I have to do is mention Team Leap Frog and Bike To The Bay if I don't have a flyer, right? I'm making dinner plans for Wednesday and I want to make sure I have "my frogs in a row!"

  2. I believe so. I know the one in Maumee as well as the one by spring meadows is. Mention us and use your Cham and either way I know they'll want to help us;) tell them Matt the GM from Central is riding on our team! Thanks Nani :)


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