Friday, March 14, 2014

We pulled one more victim into our brain storming web

          Now that we have so many riders on Team Leapfrog I just have to make another one of my very important goals happen; and that is to cross the "actual" finish line.

     A lot of people want to ride for the exercise and because it's for a good cause, or maybe because it's a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Where it starts and where it finishes isn't really important.

     But I just have to ride over the finish line because I want to feel the sense of accomplishment for doing something I never thought I could do.  And who knows how my body will react to 35 miles, but I sure have to give it my best shot.  My reward for making myself complete it after training the three days a week at 14 miles each day is seeing the finish line.  I just have to have a feeling of finishing;  and for me it's over the finish line.

     So our committee of three amigos: Reeves, Brian and I had to pull in some back up to make this option happen.  In the past years the 35 mile riders began riding at the start and finished 35 miles out where the buses would take them along with there bikes back to the starting point.

     We had a meeting with Julie Roberts, the Community Relations Director at Kingston Healthcare who is riding for the first time and is also very passionate about crossing the finish line (besides, Kingston is supplying watermelon at the end so she'll be doing double duty that day and she surely can't be at the start and finish line at the same time.  

     We brainstormed for quite a while and we have several ideas in mind.  I'm not sure how, just yet, but mark my word I will see you at the finish line;)

Have a great weekend!!

* Oh... for the record, this is my 75th post!! Yay:)
(and I didn't think I would have enough to say!)

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