Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring is finally here; YAY!!!

          Where I come from this has been one very long winter, but now we are officially into spring!  I took this picture of the bike trail I ride and you can see that even though spring is here we still have the subtle reminder that winter isn't to far in the past.

     Yes, the mounds of snow still linger but you can see by the picture that the sun is trying to peak through letting us know the wonderful spring days are approaching us.  

     The bright rays over head remind me of the  TV  show "Touched by and angel", Remember Roma Downey?? (I might start speaking with an Irish accent!)  of course I was really hoping I could get a picture without the sun distorting it, but it was a sign that spring is finally here.

These next two pictures are proof of what the brutal winter did to the precious bike trail.



     But I have faith that before long it will be green and cheery again!!

     In anticipation I've got my bike on deck and the cob webs are gone, so maybe just maybe, next week I'll be back to out door riding again! Fingers crossed:)

Have a great weekend!!


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