Monday, March 3, 2014

Our first fundraiser with Bob Evans! Mark your calender!!

        I told you I don't give up!!  We finally have a date for our first fundraiser with Bob Evans!  We all sat down and worked out the details and the first one will be on Wednesday, March 19th, from morning until night.

      Mark your calenders and spread the word! 15% of the sales will be given to Team Leapfrog and Team Sitting Bull.  Even without the flyer just mention us and you help us out.  I mean, you have to eat anyway, right??! We're working on the flyer now, so it'll be out soon.  Are we good or what?!?!

     Jason, the general manager of the Monroe street Bob Evans Rocks!!! First he's going to be a sponsor on our team shirts, then he sets up this fundraiser for us and now he's going to get all 13 locations to participate as well!!  But wait... it gets better... I am this close (imagine my thumb and finger about a half an inch apart) to getting him to ride in the BTTB on Team Leapfrog!  What do you think... can I do it!?!? Just watch me!  A pink shirt with frogs will soon be a part of his wardrobe, mark my word;)


Have a great day!!


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