Friday, March 21, 2014

Thanks for supporting us in our first Bob Evans fund raiser!


    Well we finally have the first Bob Evans fundraiser under our belt and after going there three times yesterday I just may have to buy myself a bigger one! (a belt, that is) Lol.

     First I went with my mom, my sister and three friends ( one left before the picture).  I was considering bringing my PJs and sleeping bag, then just camping out.  But after some thought I decided against it.  Of course by the time we were finished and I had done a little soliciting it was almost lunch time, so in hind sight I should have camped out.

        Next I had lunch with my Bike to the Bay peeps, where I ran into a few more people who were there because of my emails. After that I did leave for a while, but not for long because you know there's also dinner, so I went back with my daughter Emily and her family.  It's a tough job but somebody has to do it:)

     I am forever grateful to all of you that came out to show your support!  I know the next one will be even bigger!  The timing of the general managers vacations made the news coverage impossible for this one but we have plenty of time to promote the next one so be sure to watch for a few of the general managers from Bob Evans and myself on the local news with Joe Nugent.  I'll let you know on the date as soon as we finally pin one down.  Also, watch for details on the next fundraiser held in April.  Just remember... You have to eat anyway;)

Have a great weekend!!


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