Monday, May 19, 2014

Day number 2 with Fred on the radio

     So Believe it or Not Fred LeFevbre had me back on his show for a second week! Of course I had to share the spot light with Karen Moore from the National MS Society.  I guess it was good to have her tell all of the ride details; My idle chit chat can take a back Seat just this once:)

 I know the main reason Fred had me back was just to keep me honest on my training.  I am so glad I didn't wimp out last week.  It was bad enough that I confessed my age on live radio, but then to say I gave up on the training... I would never live it down.  As it was the ten miles I went, in the wind and hills no less, wasn't enough to keep him from accusing me of not going my limit.  

     Now he made me commit to twelve miles this coming week, and don't think he won't call me on it next Friday.  Oh the pressure... ugh!!

     But here's something super fun... When I was in talking with Fred on his show I could see in the studio right across the hall, 92.5, Kiss FM, Tom Arnold was on the air!  Sure he was no George Klooney, but being on the air at the same time in the same building as a "so called" celebrity... pretty cool huh!!

     If you get a chance tune in to our interview from last Friday:)

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