Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our meeting with Sharon Lang at Chandler Cafe'

        Last week Reeves and I had our interview at Chandler Cafe' with Sharon Lang from The Sylvania advantage paper (BTW... the article is in the May 21st edition rather than the 14th which I posted last week).  Be sure to watch for it.

      Lori, the owner of Chandler's not only helped sponsor our team shirts but she also supported our team by purchasing Leapfrog shirts for her employees; we're hoping they may be able to sell them as well:)

     Sharon fell in love with the shirts and of course had to have one herself.  As she was leaving Chandlers she stopped in Lady C, the ladies clothing store next door with shirt in hand, and Candy told her the shirt was adorable!  She asked her where she got it and Sharon told her the story.  Guess what...?!?! Now Candy is displaying them in her store to try to help us out!  People are just too kind:) Thanks Candy, Sharon and Lori!!

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