Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My buddies at DMC are Amazing!!

     All the way back to the very beginning of my journey to ride in the Bike To The Bay, my BFFs at DMC Technology Group have always had my back.  


     From snapping goofy pictures for my blog every time I got a crazy idea, to riding on my team, even Pat and Elaine Sheehan, the owners, have saddled up their bikes and put air in their tires; they've all gone completely out of their way to help me on my quest to try to make a difference.


     Maryanne must have taken a Kazillion pictures until we found the one that captured the attitude I was trying to convey, but she humored me and just kept taking them:)

  Then Jean had this brilliant idea to highlight my blog on DMC's website and this would be one more audience to reach in the attempt to help me raise money and awareness for MS.  

    If you think there aren't many amazing people in this world, just come to DMC Technology Group, and that's where you'll find them:)

Have a great day!!


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