Monday, May 12, 2014

On Air with Fred Lefevbre at WSPD 1370 AM radio

     So here it is! My radio debut:)  Check this out at Fred Lefevbre's Blog on WSPD 1370 am radio!

     I can't believe how long Fred let me go on and on; and to think I could have talked another hour if he let me!  But don't you worry, he's gonna let me on his show every Friday from now until the ride!  You haven't heard the last of me:)

     It was only the first time and I've already admitted my age, so by the time we're done who knows what he'll drag out of me, but I can promise you he won't be looking at dead air while I'm on.

     In fact... I may get so comfortable that I'll soon be having Fred on MY show!  Okay maybe not, but at least a parking space with my name on it:)

Tune in this Friday!!

Have a great day!!


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