Friday, November 15, 2013

My super powers


  I'm sure we've all wished we had super powers at one time or another, and while it's only a fantasy, I sometimes think I actually have them.  To be able to fly would be a great super power.  The contraption on my leg would make me think I have this gift.

     I cherish my "turbo leg" or "power pack"... okay, it's really a walkaide, but "turbo leg" sounds much cooler:)  Not only does it prevent me from tripping on my toe (most of the time...), but it opens up a whole lot of dialogue.  When I ride my bike I don't wear it because it's very cumbersome, but take away the bike and this tool is a godsend.

     When I volunteered at the last Bike-To-The-Bay it was very obvious.  This device actually does give me "super powers" because I can morph into anything my creative little mind can think of.  I can go from being "on house arrest" to "a sports injury" all in the drop of a hat.

      On the second day of the Bike-To-The-Bay  they were calling for  light rain, so I wanted to avoid a power outage on my "turbo leg".  Since last year, they've come out with a protective cover,  but before that I had to improvise.  This actually worked out to my advantage.  I wrapped it in this pink scarf and all of a sudden I was a Ninja!  When asked why the limp, I responded "This is nothing, you should see the other guy!"

     The local chapter of the National MS Society holds a monthly support group meeting and it just so happens they were having some people come to talk about Tai Chi classes.  This was perfect!  I can look like a Ninja:)  Of course they had to set me straight; Tai Chi is Chinese, a Ninja is Japanese... hey, tomato-tamoto:)  What ever... this was my chance!!

pretty scary huh?!  Lol

     It's all just a matter of perspective, but when it comes down to it, I really think we all have "super powers" in one way or another:)

Have a great weekend!


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