Monday, June 30, 2014

My brother, the trend setter

      Remember, I told you way back when we started thinking about this crazy business of riding in the bike to the bay and My Brother said he would wear my pink shirt but he had to cut the sleeves and collar off and have a green mohawk... Well you had to know he was serious!!

     Well, not only did he make good on his word but he started corrupting some of the other team members. It wasn't long before he was using his pocket knife to cut off the sleeves of Maryann and Meagan mahaffey's shirts.  Ironically, Maryann's helmet matched Doug's mohawk so they looked like total bobsie twins.

     You can see above where meagan had altered the leapfrog shirt, and maryann was in the pack ahead of me so she probably figured she could lose the pink shirt and I would never be the wiser.  But that camera busted her:) 

     I laugh about the altering of the team shirts and the shirts that eventually made their way into a heap by the side of the road, but at the end of the day I'm just thrilled that all of my friends rode for me and I really didn't care What they wore!!

have a great day!!



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