Monday, December 1, 2014

No rules; why not?!?!

       Okay, so Thanksgiving is over; now I can get serious about Christmas.  The week before Thanksgiving my daughter was home from college and she wanted to go shopping for Christmas decorations for her college apartment.  

     I wasn't ready to even think about my regular Christmas tree.  I know I already put my tiny snow globe tree out, but I wasn't ready to tackle the life size tree yet.  Though I was happy to go with Lindsay to help get her in the holiday spirit.

     We went to Michael's crafts and they were swimming in red and green as far as the eye could see.  It was like Christmas...

     About half way through the store I noticed an isle filled with pink and green decorations.  I laughed and told Lindsay I should decorate my tree in pink and green:)  She said "why not?? There are no rules.  You can do what ever you want".  I said "that's true; why not!?!?"  

     I just started filling my shopping cart with everything pink and green imaginable.  I didn't have a plan yet, but that didn't matter;  my life is filled with plans that change anyway.  I knew it would all come together.

       When I got home, the first thing I did was make a pink and green center piece for my table, and until my tree was up I placed my two frog ornaments on the top.

     A few days later Lindsay was in town for Thanksgiving and she offered to help me with my tree.  I couldn't pass up that offer so we went crazy. 


     At first I thought this pink star tree topper may have been a bit much, but remember the no rules thing... I was doing it!

          The pink and green ornaments in my mind didn't look as tacky as one might think.  Then the pink and green beaded garland was like the icing on the cake.  It was really starting to come together.

       Pink and green pipe cleaners to make candy canes... why not?!  Remember, no rules.

      Add a few pink snow flakes and if this doesn't show my personality, I don't know what does.

      But something was missing;  What is a Christmas tree with out a tree shirt.  I looked and looked for a plain green skirt, but all I found were red and green ones.  A shinny gold skirt here and there, but come on; now that was just silly...

     Then my BFF Joann said she would love to make me a green and pink skirt.  I was so anxious to see it, and at the same time curious what a green and pink skirt would look like.

      Two days later she brought it over and I was in heaven!   This skirt was perfect!  Sure the pink bling might be a bit over the top in some folks opinion, but seriously... isn't this whole tree a bit over the top as it is!?!?  

          I'm so glad I decided to step outside the box instead of playing by the rules, and I think my new tradition for Christmas will now become pink and green (and frogs!),   because in a life where the best laid plans can change on a dime, I think I'll just make my own rules!!

Have a great day!!


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