Friday, January 23, 2015

A bonus falling in my lap is a good thing.

     When I was in the Black Kite Coffee Shop the other day I was pleasantly surprised how easily I was able to get another team member.  I'm not against working hard for what I want, but I'm not at all opposed to having a bonus land in my lap.

     As Kristin and I were going on with our idle chit chat about the Bike To The Bay her husband, Andrew walked in.  Now, there are some days where I have my soap box out and I'm soliciting to anyone with a pulse...  for some reason this day wasn't one of them.  

     Don't get me wrong, I'm always eyeing up new prospects. but with the freebie falling in my lap I felt like it was mission accomplished and my job was done for the moment.

     But when Andrew piped in and said "Hey, I'm interested in riding with you guys", I was totally blown away.  I felt like I was handed something I didn't work for.

Andrew Newby

     Then I started thinking, there are a few team members who can't make it this year, but I know they'll be back.  The people who come out of the woodwork to join our team were put in my path to fill in the gaps.  Like last year, I have faith this year will work out as well and if we just keep focusing, before long our team "team leapfrog" will surely earn it's title because it's that leap of faith that keeps us going:)

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. You're kinda the awesome cheerleader that no one can say "no" to," even when you haven't asked! :)


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