Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just because it didn't work out last year doesn't mean we stop trying.

     Remember last year when I was asking every person I made eye contact with to join Team Leap Frog??  Well Kristin Kiser, the owner of the Black Kite coffee shop in the Old West End would have liked to ride, however, she already had a wedding on that date (those people and their "save the date" cards, ugh...).

     But this is a new year and her friends are already married so the odds of her not having another wedding this year were in my favor.

     I stopped in to the Black Kite and Kristin was there.  I mentioned the Bike To The Bay again and she said "I really want to try to ride this year.  What's the date?"  I told her it was June 20th, she checked her calendar and low and behold that day was free!

     Her next comment just blew me away... She asked if I minded if she joined our team.  I said "are you kidding?  You just saved me from begging you to join us!!"

Kristin Kiser

     Last year Kristin was kind enough to let us hold a fundraiser for our team and I'm looking forward to doing it again this year:)

     I've learned that as much as I continue to ask people, even though they may not be available, I just need to keep asking, because it's inevitable I'll eventually catch them on the right day:)

Have a great day!!


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