Monday, January 19, 2015

A wild Saturday night out with the boys...

     I guess we all have our own idea of a wild Saturday night out with the boys. Out with the boys and shopping don't really go together.  If you're able to get a guy to go to a shopping mall with you, you're pretty lucky;)

     The mall on a Saturday night is something I haven't seen in a  million years, and the only boys that could be coaxed into spending their Saturday night there would have to be saints, or under 2 years old.

     Lucky for me I had two grandbabies that fit the bill.  All they expected in return was to be fed and entertained...

     After we ate at the food court, my daughter and I took turns riding up and down this elevator over looking Dillard's Department store, about two dozen times with William.  There were several coin (or should I say dollar) operated rides throughout the mall, but William was happy as a clam to just alternate between the escalater and elevator, and these rides were free!!

          He had had enough of his stroller and left his poor little brother, Connor, behind while he explored the mall. 

     The elevator and escalator were on the opposite sides of the department store, and on the way back from the last run William was already asking his mommy to give it another go.

          While William was having all the fun, Connor and I were left to entertain our selves while we waited...  the "selfies" weren't exactly cutting it with Connor.  He doesn't even have an instagram account, so this was a big waste of his time.

       It took a few minutes, but I was finally able to get him to smile and have a good time, or at least look like he was.  How do we really know... he's only a baby...

     We finally managed to pry William from the  elevator, and after tossing a few pennies in the fountain, we made our way to his favorite thing that evening, and that was the frozen yogurt (which by the way, his mom felt a little guilty giving in to ice cream, when he didn't eat much of his chicken and french fries. 

 But Ahma trumped mommy:)  Come on, A kid's gotta have fun!!

Have a great day!!



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  1. Anyway how can you say no to Ahma, or that smile staring at the ice cream??


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