Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anyone can be a grandma but it takes someone special to be Ahma.

     When my daughter Emily had her first son, William, everyone kept asking me what I was going to have him call me.  He didn't even have teeth yet so I knew there was plenty of time to figure that out.

     The thought of being a grandmother was freaky as it was.  I loved that little guy but to think of a grandmother I think of some little grey haired lady with a shawl around her shoulders; how could I be one of those??

     My friends spent more time stressing about the name than I did.  I knew somehow there would be a name that fit the bill.

     From the time William was a little baby Emily would talk to him and refer to me as grandma.  Nothing special about the name but he still wasn't talking so as far as names go, the sky was the limit.

     Emily and William would meet me every Sunday at the shopping Mall to make sure we got together at least once a week.

     I usually managed to get there before they did and we always met in the food court.

     One Sunday, Emily put William in his stroller and started heading to the mall entrance.  As they walked through the doors William got excited and said "AHMA'S ! AHMA'S!!"  And there we have it; a new name was born:) That and William thinks the mall is where I live... crazy, but not a bad idea...:)

     Anyone can be a grandma;  it takes someone special to be Ahma!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. The oldest child will name the family for their generation. In our family I named my nonna Noni and all seven of her grandchildren called her Noni. I'm also the one who taught my brother that our grandfather on the other side of the family was Papa. Much as their parents called my dad "Grandpa" my nieces called him Papa too (possibly because I call my dad "Pop") And Aunt Nani never did advance any farther than Nana, which they still call me at 20.

    William will teach Connor what your name is because as the oldest, naming the important adults and teaching the younger ones is his responsibility! :)


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