Friday, January 16, 2015

I convinced one of my pharmacists; why not the other...

Jeff Moran; the other Pharmacist

     It's pretty unusual to know your Pharmacists by name, but when you have as many things going on as I, you end up being BFFs.  I probably spend less time at the grocery store.

     If you remember, last year I was able to talk my pharmacist, Jeff Nagel, into riding in the Bike To The Bay.  I really thought he was just doing it because he felt sorry for me, or he simply wanted to get me off his back.  

     Remember, I was a girl on a mission and I was bound and determined to grow Team Leapfrog. Being the first year riding I had to start my team from ground zero, and if I was gonna ride I planned to take many prisoners with me:)

     Not only did Jeff ride, but he really enjoyed it!  So now I planned to use the "band wagon" approach to convince my other Pharmacist, who's name just happens to be Jeff as well.  Of course, his last name isn't Nagle, it's Moran; if it was Nagel that would be way too much of a coincidence...

     And of course I had to take a picture of him too, just so he doesn't back out;)

     I know this is only January, and it's freezing outside, but I may as well start recruiting more people now, because as soon as the weather breaks I'll be busy scoping out more bike trails, and hopefully my camera will be all filled up with Sun rises:)

Have a great weekend!!


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