Friday, January 30, 2015

More action down on the farm...


 A lot of my preparing for this year's Bike To The Bay is Like Deja vu all over again, because all of the riders and team sponsors, all though they graciously helped me last year,  may have other commitments this year.

     I already cornered Jason, the General Manager from the Monroe St. Bob Evans, so my next stop was to meet with Matt from the Central Ave. store.

     Matt was very instrumental in our team's success last year.  Not only did he ride, wearing that cute pink shirt, but he also sold about a million of them (give or take) to raise money for our team.  He was probably the most enthusiastic one of the bunch.  And believe it or not, he actually thanked me for asking him to ride, when the privilege was all mine:) 

     He mentioned his next step was to get a serious bike because he hopes to ride further this year! He also mentioned trying to get his boss to ride as well. 

     So if Bob Evans gets super involved with Team Leapfrog this year I guess they might have to add frogs to their list of farm animals; that or they might have to change their slogan to "Bob Evans, down on the pond". Lol

Have a great weekend!!


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