Wednesday, January 28, 2015

just when you think your life is challenging...

     I know we've all had our moments where we think life isn't fair, but I've always tried to convince myself that the things we learn from our struggles are well worth the trouble and just one more life lesson.

     So as you know I'm planning to take a trip by myself as a test to see if I can do it on my own, with my bionic leg and all of the interesting things that accompany it.  However, just removing everything to get through security might be enough to send the other passengers behind me through the roof.

     I won't lie, I've started thinking of all of the complications  I could face while left to do everything on my own.  Yes, I have two perfectly developed legs, but my brain doesn't always communicate with one of them, and I know I'll need to make sure to remember to focus and not let my mind get ahead of myself and go flying.  I'm bringing along a carry-on and tote, and I know it'll be up to me to lift them on and off of the plane and up to the overhead storage.

     I'll be lugging both of them across the airport by myself, and while you're probably thinking "Are you kidding?!?!?  It's the freaking Toledo Express Airport; give me a break!!!"  Well, to you it might be a baby airport, but to me it feels like eight miles, because every step is exhausting, thought out and deliberate.

     I know it's my own test and my decision to do this, but all of the fear and questions of "why me" totally left my mind when I was given this you-tube video to watch.  I was told it would blow me away and I needed to at least watch the first five minutes and I would no doubt have to see it to the end.

     It was about a man named Nick Vujicic.  Nick was born without any arms or legs.  The only minute form of mobility he had was a mere stump of a foot with about two or three measly toes protruding out from it.  If you ever have a spare half an hour and you really need something to prove to you life is good, you have to watch this. At least the first five minutes...

Nick Vujicic: Best life changing inspirational video of all time.

     In this video Nick is on a stage in front of an auditorium of  high school students, speaking from on top of a six foot long table, with a telephone at the other end of it.  He asks how do you think he would make his way to that phone with out any arms or legs... He then replied "one step at a time", as he used those tiny little toes to inch his way to the other end of the table.  He explained that even if he had two legs it wouldn't matter because you can only take one step at a time.  Ironically, Nick didn't feel like he was missing anything because his life was perfect.

     He then mentioned how he can fall over and it might take him 100 attempts to get back up but  it doesn't matter because eventually he will do it.

     Well, I made it through the first five minutes of that video and before I knew it I had seen it to the end, and was not only humbled, but in tears.

     I guess my point in all of this is if you ever think life isn't fair, all you have to do is look around and realize anything is possible.

Have a great day!!


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  1. Great video. I found myself remembering he has no arms or legs because he mentioned it. Great speaker!

    I know what you mean about distances. You mention that Toledo Express is a “baby airport” It’s sort of like the distance from the door to the toilet in a bathroom that my chair doesn’t fit in when I take water pills; sometimes the toilet mocks me. We have to plan every step.


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