Friday, June 5, 2015

Bike to the bay; or boat to the bay??

     I keep telling you I'm riding in the bike to the bay, but I'm not riding my bike "to the bay";  I'm riding my bike to Port Clinton.  Obviously, we all know you need a boat to get to put-n-bay:)

     So this day my daughter Lindsay, and I did the "boat to the bay".  The Jet express, to be exact.  I have to tell you it was so much easier than riding my bike...

          The day we went was the last day of what they refer to as the "soft season".  So in other words, the next day would be when all of the crazy maniacs start piling in, lol.  

     This was great; we practically had the boat to ourselves, and the Island had our name all over it.  

     Its' been tradition for the past few years to take a mother/daughter trip to Put-N-Bay; kind of like going to a tropical island without hopping on a plane.

     I told you this place was a ghost town; well look at the boardwalk restaurant we went to.  In the past we've had to claw through mobs of people to even find a table.
          This was obviously not the case here.

          They even gave us coupons for a free chocolate covered strawberry!  Lindsay admitted she had never tried one before; Now me... out of all the things that could be dipped in chocolate, this was my absolute favorite:)

      We spent the entire day tooling around on a golf cart, hitting the chocolate museum, the winery, Perry's Monument and more. 

          While we were in one of the many gift shops we spotted on the front page of the Put-n-bay newspaper, a photo of the Put-n-Bay high graduating class of 2015, and it consisted of two.  Must have been an intense fight for Valedictorian:)

       But I have to admit, the best kept secret was the butterfly house.  We had never gone to it in the past, but this time we said "why not..." Pink and butterflies... heaven!

     There were colorful little butterflies everywhere; we were told about 900 in all ( I wonder who had the tedious job of counting them).

     I think this little guy wanted to be left alone... That or he was looking for a way to break out...

          But the last thing we did before we ended our fabulous mother/daughter trip was pick out rings as a reminder of our day; Lindsay found mine as it totally jumped out at her.  It just so happened to be a frog (pun intended...); Lindsay knows how much I love them and knew I absolutely had to get it.

          Maybe we didn't own the island, but we sure felt like we did.  And when you think of paradise, I think we came pretty darn close.

           You can spend all the time and money you want to find paradise, but at the end of the day, paradise is where you make it:)

Have a great weekend!!


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