Friday, June 19, 2015

Time to start begging:) The Bike To The Bay is tomorrow! Please help me!

     I don't want to sound like I'm begging...but with the Bike to the bay being tomorrow, I guess I am... If you read my post from my blog on Wednesday about my bike breaking down in the busy downtown intersection, leaving me feeling stranded; that was my aha moment that this ride isn't about riding, but busting my butt to raise money to make this monster I've been living with for 30 years, finally go away.  If I have to ride 54 miles to do it then I will!!

      Many of my friends have it so much worse than me, so I don't feel like I have a lot of room to complain.  However, what I do have room for is using my words to raise money to reverse the damage in the hopes that one day we'll all get our old lives back. 

     Right now, with all the research done from donations, not only have they slowed MS down immensely, but they are so close to finding a way to actually repair the myelin that was damaged, which robbed so many people of the life they used to have.

     I am fully aware that I can do anything I put my mind to; the only difference is I may have to find an alternate way to do it. 


     But giving up is one thing I refuse to do; and with the help of my over 35 teammates and all of my great family and friends I know there is a way.

     It's true, there are so many very worthy causes out there and I totally understand if you have others to support, but if you want to donate even 5 dollars to help us it would mean the world to me, as well as all of our friends and family who desperately need a cure.

To donate you can scroll up to the top of this blog and click on "Bike to the bay". (Team Leapfrog)

Thank you so much!!

Oh, this morning (Friday) I'll be back  (or was) on Fred Lefevbre's radio show(1370 WSPD)  at 7:15 AM; Take a listen:)

Click here for Fred's radio show pod cast.

See you after the ride!!



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