Monday, June 22, 2015

We ride with MS.

     For the second year, Team leapfrog leaped across the finish line, and that 54.5 miles I rode took everything I had.  I'm sure I can vouch for the two other team leapfrog riders, Kelly and Robert who also ride with MS.  But we have to prove that anything is possible!
     This is part of team leapfrog.  Last year we had about five pictures of around 7 or 8 team members because we just couldn't round everyone up.  This year we tried extremely hard to get a huge team photo for once.  We all planned to meet at the starting point  at 6:30 and for the most part we were all there.  

     However, we just couldn't get everyone together to take the photo.  Of course, we are frogs, and it was just like trying to get thirty five frogs in a bucket without some of them getting out; so this was the largest group we managed to wrangle up at one time.

      I have a lot of stories of my crazy day, but you'll have to wait until I write it.  For now I'll just say I couldn't have made it without all of my amazing friends who rode for team leap frog; some of them I didn't even know until the ride but I'll never forget them.

     Rob Burkett had his own team in the past.  He was the one who transported our bikes so we could get to a closer starting point, making it possible for us cross the finish line when we only did the 35 mile ride. But unfortunately, he wasn't able to be a team captain this year.  I asked him to join my team, and he must really like us because now he's a leapfrog. 

     I met Mary through Robert and she and her husband Kent joined our team.  Now we're BFFs:)

     My friends Gil and Rene volunteer every year, running  around like chickens with their heads cut off to help things go smoothly.  One day I'll convince them to ride:)
     This is my new BFF Arlene; we met in Dick's sporting goods last summer.  Ironically, we were both looking for pink sox (imagine that!) and I talked her ear off; now she's on my team.  She was also a godsend when my crazy leg was totally dead at the end.

     Then of course, there's Fred; first he lets me monopolize his show, and then he put me in my place every time I whined about being dead and dreading the ten miles until the next rest stop.  I believe his exact words were "quit your whining and ride"... and I did...

     And who could forget my twin bro Reeves, from team Sitting Bull, who rode 75 miles both days and would do it a million times over just because he really cares.

     I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have so many amazing friends to help me on my mission.  And to think it all started with that one simple question... "Why can't you ride??"

Oh... I was also interviewed by Kelly Heidbreder from ABC news the morning of the ride:)

Click Interview to see it!

Have a great day!!



  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Now you've earned some time to write and recover, right?

    Your energy just shines on TV! Next year you have to make sure you get to stand on the other side of the reporter so the microphone isn't covering your face, though. ;)

    Congrats on another great Bike to the Bay!!

  2. You're a star Chris!!!!😀


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