Monday, June 15, 2015

This year I call shotgun!!

     So this Saturday is the bike to the bay and one of the last pieces of the puzzle has fallen into place.  If you remember, we had those cute pink Leapfrog tee shirts last year... and then several of my teammates suggested getting "real" bike jerseys this time...  sounded easy enough, but there was so much more to designing these jerseys than I thought.  

     First of all, pink jerseys were impossible to find, even if I was to do pink again; of course I decided this year I would compromise for all the guys who wore pink for me last year.  But I thought making them green to represent frogs, which is what we are, would work out great.  Of course we also needed our pink frog too:)

     After searching for the perfect jersey with the pockets on the back, which was another request of the seasoned riders, we finally found them. However, the color looked more yellow than green in my mind, but that was fine.  

     Although, the "must have" fuchsia looked like orange on the yellow and we couldn't have an orange frog; now that's just silly... they had to be pink.

     My friend, Colleen, from Proforma Specialty Printing, where I had them done, informed me they had to change the jersey color as well as the pink, but they would be very bright.  I was perfectly fine with bright.  

     However, I had only seen a computer image of what the shirts would actually look like and I had to trust they would look okay in real life.  Then I had to cross my fingers that they would come in on time.

     They just came in, a week early to no less; and I have to say, I couldn't be happier; nor could my teammates! Out in the sun they actually look green:) 

      The pockets on the back were perfect.  And the very bright pink sponsor logos jumped right off the jersey. This was just what the shirts needed, because I definitely got my splash of pink, yet my riders got their "real" bike jerseys:)
     I have to say, last year when I thought it would be so much easier to just join another team, and then was talked into starting my own, it was okay because I had a few people help me out along the way.  But this year I needed to take the bull by the horns; along with the thought of riding over 50 miles, I'll admit this was a little scary. 

      But now that it's less than a week until the ride I feel like I've done everything in my power, and I've just got to have faith that the rest will work out.  Besides... I'm really not riding alone... because this year... I call shot gun:)

Have a great day!!



  1. The jerseys look great! If the colors on my monitor are close to true, you have MY shade of green and the pink is bright and very Christine! LOL

  2. They are adorable and how great are those pockets! Best of luck to you and your teammates this weekend.😊

  3. Love Them! - Arlene


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