Friday, June 26, 2015

I made it to the bay, but some of my friends also rode home the next day.

     You've seen many of the photos documenting my long journey to Port Clinton. I shared with you all of the struggles, mishaps, along with the learning lessons for next year, and proof that team work is what it's all about.  But this is the only photo of me in all my sweat and glory after 7 hours of riding:) I think the camera self destructed shortly after...  Above you see one of my fellow frogs,Tom Garey; the one who lead our practice ride a few days before the Bike to the bay.  He also got me through my meltdown when I had the panic attack as I was stranded in the middle of the busy downtown intersection after my chain got suck.

     Some of us finished the ride early enough to take a shower and change into another frog shirt...  I wonder where he got that...

     And then some of us drove our car home and came to Perrysburg nice and fresh on day two to welcome the two day riders back.  I have to say the ride home was a heck of a lot easier for me.  Every time I drove over a hill in my car I thought to myself "dang lucky I'm in a car this time..."

     I loved seeing all of my team in the cute Team Leapfrog jerseys, but by day two most of the jerseys could stand in a corner by themselves; I was perfectly fine to see they were wearing clean ones.  Lucky for me I had the luxury of washing mine so I could wear it again.

     Below you'll see my teammate, Phil Carrol.  75 miles the first day and he's back doing 75 again with the Plus 5 team; all while still embracing his frog heritage.  I'm not sure how that jersey made it two days but I really didn't care.  I was just glad our frogs were hopping back over that finish line again.

     Young and old; the people who came out to support a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, as well as the thousands of others with this crazy disease, is very humbling.  
      The next time any of us think our day couldn't get any worse; We just need to tell ourselves it isn't "ours alone", and with all our great friends... "our day" can always get better!

Have a great weekend!!


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