Monday, June 1, 2015

Would I give it back?? Heck no!!

     The movie "It's a wonderful life" is one of my favorites, and I could watch it a million times over.  It makes me think how every single situation in our life or person we meet is part of the whole big plan, and if even one event hadn't happened the outcome would be altered.

     The other day I was at a fundraiser for the Bike To The Bay, and I was talking with a young lady who was diagnosed with MS about a year ago.  She, Like I, had all kinds of great tips on how to keep as healthy as  possible in spit of the disease.

     I did mention that having MS for 30 years as well as being a breast cancer survivor has only made me stronger, and helped me meet the most amazing people along the way.  I also told her if I was able to wake up tomorrow and all disease was gone, but my entire past including the memories, lessons, and great friends I've made would be gone as well, I would never do it.  She said she would absolutely give it all back, even if it meant losing the friends and lessons she learned, and if she was perfectly healthy she could devote her life to helping the cause because she gets it.

     I told her that's just it; she probably wouldn't get it, and chances are she wouldn't devote her life to a cause she didn't comprehend.  Remember all those lessons would be wiped from memory.  That's why I whole heartily cherish someone who takes the time to truly understand a disease that even I, after living with it 30 years don't totally get, because they are an extremely rare breed.

      It's funny how we can talk hypothetically and say how we would change things if we had it to do over; but life doesn't have "do overs", not with out losing something in the process.  All we can do is take those lessons and make life better.

Have a great day!!


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