Friday, June 12, 2015

Confessions of an MS rider.

     So as you may know, it is one week until the MS bike to the bay; and as it gets closer and closer I realize I have less and less time to  make a difference.

     When I decided to ride last year it was because right now I can.  It wasn't just about the bike ride, but my chance to make good of the things I'm blessed with.  

     But as time went by I started to realize it's a lot more than how big I can get my team or how much money I could convince them to raise; It's my chance to do the absolute best I can, where I'm at now.  However, I also had some guilty feelings, because some of my wonderful  friends who have MS are not able to ride anymore, and here I share pictures and stories of all of my great bike rides.  Though one of my friends told me I should in no way feel guilty that I can still ride.

     This made sense. There used to be a day when I wanted to be a great golfer, but just because those days may be a memory doesn't mean I can't be happy for my buddies who are great golfers:)

     Riding on the many bike trails and then blogging about them was a way to  let my friends see the world through my eyes; but the payout was really all mine. It forced me to continue to ride when I might have had a million excuses why I couldn't.  

     My team, Team Leapfrog, was bigger and raised more money last year than I could have ever imagined (22,000.00).  I knew this year I needed to make it even bigger if I was going to continue to make a difference.

     But then a friend told me I shouldn't get stressed about my "crazy" 30,000.00 team goal and just focus on riding; which is something I've grown to love.  

     I still plan to work as hard as I can to reach my personal goal of 3,000.00, because I'm riding not only for myself, but all of my friends who can't; and I'll just have faith that my friends will help me the best they can too:)

     Please help me hit my personal goal:) 

Have a great weekend!!


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